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Dental Diamond Burs TC Type for High Speed Handpiece Dia.1.6mm 10pcs/Pack

Dental Diamond Burs TC Type for High Speed Handpiece Dia.1.6mm 10pcs/Pack

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Product Description:

● Grit: Blue/Medium;Grit: Red/Fine; Grit: Yellow / Extra fine;

● Remove packaging and sterilize with high-temperature steam before use.

● Insert the shank into handpiece according to the instruction of the handpiece manufacturer. Insertion should be the full length.

● Before using, run the instruments to make sure there is no descentering. If the instruments become bent, be sure to remove them from any further use.

● A plentiful water supply is necessary to maintain long-lived performance and also to prevent loading and pulpitis.

● Handle with care not to put excessive load. Pressure should be 20 to 50p for all instruments with diameter up to 023.

● Avoid levering, tilting, twisting and jamming motion. Do not work with a pulling motion.

● Wear a safety glasses or face mask to protect from being injured.

● Practicable for using auto-clave, chemical vaporized-clave, dry heat and E.0.G.sterilization.

● It is very easy to use, conveniently, and hygiene.

● The head of Diamond Burs contain a large of sand, and coverage widely.

● Rigidity, sharpness and wear.

● Excellent quality and reasonable price.

● The maximum speed is to 450,000r/min.

● Extra Long Burs FG 1.6mm for high speed

● High-grade stainless steel. It could be disinfected under the high temperature and high pressure.

Package: 10pcs/pack

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